Aims and Objectives

Through leadership and expertise, we work to transform the lives of all those living with ABI in Western Australia.

Headwest is an incorporated body. We are registered with the state government as a legal charitable entity. As an incorporated body we operate under a constitution which clearly outlines our objectives and values:

Our Objectives
  • to ensure that all people living with Acquired Brain Injury have access to the support and resources they need to optimise their social and economic participation in a welcoming community through, but not limited to, community engagement, systemic and individual advocacy and service coordination;
  • to work intentionally with persons of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and those persons in the criminal justice system being groups which present a high incidence of (often unrecognised) Acquired Brain Injury so as to optimise the social and economic participation in the community of these groups;
  • to identify and work with people living with an Acquired Brain Injury who may have other disabilities or who may be challenged by social problems including substance abuse, homelessness or unmet educational and vocational needs and to serve these people regardless of their predominant disability or social circumstances;
  • to influence the strategic direction of governments and decision makers through evidence including formal research, information, policy development and advocacy;
  • to strengthen the capacity of all people living with Acquired Brain Injury and their families and/or carers in metropolitan, regional and remote communities to have a voice;
  • to build partnerships in the community, business and government sectors; and
  • in conjunction with other organisations, to conduct health promotion that will contribute to a reduction in the incidence of brain injury;

Our Values
  • Person Centred – people living with Acquired Brain Injury, families and carers are central to everything that we do;
  • Excellence we will lead the way in the development and improvement of best practice;
  • Respect our actions are guided by a high regard for the inherent dignity and worth of each person;
  • Integrity we are open, honest, accountable and ethical in all our interactions;
  • Collaboration – we develop innovative and effective working relationships.

Please click here to view Headwest's Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017